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Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion slides onto PC in January 2020

No winter wonderland for you this Christmas

If you had hoped to cuddle up with a blanket, cocoa, and Palico this Christmas in Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion, bad news: it won't be out on PC by then. Capcom yesterday narrowed our "winter" release window down to "January 2020". Iceborne's console launch will be on September 6th so pllllrbbb. This is a shorter delay than we waited for the base game's PC release, four months rather than six, but it's still on the disappointing side of the Christmas holidays.

The disappointing-but-unsurprising news came on Twitter. I suppose technically the Twelve Days of Christmas end on January 5th so "January" could technically still mean Christmastime but, even if it did, it's not the same unless you're off work and on your sixth straight day of lounging around in your pants eating Terry's Chocolate Oranges.

Capcom had explained the base game's PC delay as them wanting wanting extra time to "try and get the PC version as good as possible." Now it's here and pretty deece, it's a shame to still be waiting. We've been behind all along. Special events like the Witcher crossover have come to PC months later, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that pattern continue with anything special Iceborne does.

Our Brendy had a wee play of Iceborne at E3, poking round its frozen new island and killing a monster, the monster. For more on the expansion, see its site and our guidefolk's Iceborne roundup gathering drips and drabs of info.

Iceborne is coming to Steam some time in January.

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