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Moonlighter adds new Friends And Foes to meet underground

You can only bring one - not overly familiar

Mystical mercantile dungeon crawl Moonlighter was a charmer when it launched, and developers Digital Sun have been hard at work expanding it ever since. Today's free Friends & Foes update adds one big new feature (familiars that you can raise on your farm), and a bundle of all-new mini-bosses to tussle with. They've even found a couple ways to cram in even more lore and backstory. It's the biggest update to the game yet, and ticks off the last of the boxes on their (initial) post-release roadmap. Take a peek at some of the new stuff in the trailer below. The game is also on sale.

Adventuring doesn't have to be as solitary a pursuit in this new update. Killing some enemy types ten times over will cause an egg to drop. It'll take three in-game days, but the egg eventually hatches into a friendly little critter that will accompany you on adventures. There's nine familiar types, each with their own perks to either help you in a fight or make hoarding loot a little easier. The combat-focused familiars may help with the new mini-bosses though, which appear either on the first or second floor of a dungeon, and - as with the bigger fights - are animated beautifully.

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While optional, those wanting to find a little more about the world of Moonlighter will now find old man Zenon camped outside the dungeon at night. You can stay a while and listen, if you so wish. They've also bulked out Tomo's dialogue a bit in this update, giving her a little more backstory too. Beyond that, there's been a lot of little UI and quality-of-life improvements. The banker UI tells you more and shop price changes are better communicated. Most importantly, they've added an auto-sorting system to your inventory, which should help reduce frantic, messy rummaging.

The Friends & Foes update for Moonlighter is live now, and you can see the full patch notes here. Moonlighter is currently 40% off on Steam and GOG, bringing it down to £9.29/€11.99/$11.99 until February 15th. Digital Sun apparently have more coming to Moonlighter later this year, but aren't quite ready to announce it yet.

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