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Moonlighter announces Between Dimensions DLC and sale

Capitalism infests all dimensions

Mystical mercantile action-RPG Moonlighter has been selling like hotcakes - half a million copies, albeit split across several platforms. Clearly, selling magical capitalism is good business, so Digital Sun have announced the game's first paid DLC, Between Dimensions, following on from a series of big free updates. The expansion will include a new interdimensional dungeon, new monsters in both old and new locations, and plenty of new gear to use or sell to other adventurers. To celebrate hitting that half-million mark, the game is also 40% off for today only.

The full feature-list for the upcoming DLC is the aforementioned dungeon, 10 new enemy types, and five new mini-bosses. There's one of each type of weapon, a full new armour set and a bunch of new magic rings to collect too. Players can add a new section to their shop for showcasing interdimensional wares (you'd think they'd be fancy enough on their own), and there'll be a few new customers to meet and sell to, and a new NPC called The Trader. There'll also be a new class of 'Trick Weapons', each one powerful, but with some kind of drawback. There'll be ten of them to find.

It sounds like a solid slab of new stuff to do. While John was enthusiastic in his Moonlighter review, I felt that the game had good bones, but not enough meat on them. The free updates released since then have addressed those complaints well, adding a New Game+ mode, more dungeon variety, more loot and even a bit more story and lore to dig into. Digital Sun have done well supporting the game, and while it will never replace Recettear in my heart, I don't mind that it's set up shop just next-door. Sometimes a little competition is good for business.

Digital Sun aim to launch the new DLC this summer, but haven't announced a price yet. Moonlighter is 40% off on Steam for the next 22 hours (at the time of writing), bringing it down to £9.29/€11.99/£11.99. This includes all the free updates to date. The game is published by 11 Bit Studios.

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