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Mordhau maps and locations - tips and details on all existing (and upcoming) Mordhau maps

Including Crossroads, my new least favourite map

Mordhau's colourful array of maps and environments has recently been bolstered with Patch #7, and the release of the brand new Crossroads map. Which I hate. But it gave me the opportunity to go back over this Mordhau maps and locations guide and repopulate it with all the latest tips and details, so at least there's that! Below I'll go over every map currently in Mordhau (with little tips and quirks as well as explanations of their available game modes and variants), as well as two upcoming maps - Castello and Feitoria - and everything we know so far about them.

This maps guide is but one small part of our much larger Mordhau guide series, which you should take a look at if you're after some more general information about this bloody and glorious game. You'll also find links in our main guide to every other page we've put up so far, covering everything from the intricacies of Mordhau melee combat to stats and tips for every single Mordhau weapons, and much more.

Mordhau maps and locations guide

With eight maps currently in Mordhau (each often with multiple variants) and two more maps in development, we've got a fair amount to talk about in this Mordhau maps guide. Click on any of the links below to skip ahead to a section of your choice.

Existing Maps:
Crossroads (NEW)Contraband
The PitTourney
Mountain PeakTaiga
Upcoming Maps:


  • Game Modes: Frontline, Deathmatch, TDM, Skirmish
  • Variants: 2

Immediacy is the name of the game with Crossroads, the latest map to be added to Mordhau. It's the smallest Frontline map we've yet seen, and also by far the simplest. The only objective is to take and hold the central fort area - but despite the spawn points being located a stone's throw from this central objective, rarely in my experience do people actually concern themselves with the fort. In reality, Crossroads is a sandbox for horseback riders, thanks to the dozen or so horses that spawn in the base of both the Iron Company and the Free Guard, and the open plains around the fort which are evidently made for horses to gallop around in.

If you like unblockable one-shots in Mordhau, you'll love this map, thanks to its focus on horses and on the new siege weapon, the Mortar, unique to this map and located on a raised platform of the fort itself. Like the Ballista, this is a one-shot weapon if you aim well - but unlike the Ballista, the Mortar actually has a small area of effect where it deals its irrevocable one-shot-death-ness. So the only hope is really to stay on horseback.

Like I said, immediacy. Both in how close you spawn to the objective, and in how quickly you die thanks to all the couching and mortar-fire going on in Crossroads. If that sounds up your alley, then you'll definitely enjoy this latest map - but so far I've found few people voting for this to be the next map on Frontline servers.


  • Game Modes: Deathmatch, TDM, Skirmish
  • Variants: 1

Contraband is one of three much smaller maps designed purely for the more intimate game modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Skirmish. As such it's a popular area particularly among duelling servers (more information on all this can be found on our Mordhau game modes guide), because it's such a small map that you're always mere seconds away from your next fight.

Contraband's steep drops on both sides of the map have led to a great many kicks, plummets, and falls over time, so it's generally a good idea to steer clear of those edges. The other two sides are dominated by each team's spawn point, after which you must pass through numerous arches to get to the centre, where the bulk of the fighting always takes place. These arches are also the best friends of archers and other tricksters in team matches, as they are able to duck in and out of sight very easily to avoid attention.

The Pit

  • Game Modes: Deathmatch, TDM, Skirmish
  • Variants: 1

The Pit is another small map, but certainly much more open than Contraband, with its large sand-filled spaces and wooden walkways providing numerous opportunities to escape and to initiate attacks on unsuspecting enemies. But on the flipside of this, you can basically see the entire map no matter where you are in it, because it's so open - and so as long as you're paying attention to your surroundings, you ought to be safe from sneaky flank attacks.

Just like Contraband, The Pit is a map where the two teams' spawn points are in full view of one another, so you're really going to have a moment to breathe and relax - which is kind of the point with maps such as these.


  • Game Modes: Deathmatch, TDM, Skirmish
  • Variants: 1

Tourney rounds off the trio of smaller Mordhau maps, with this one giving players a proper tournament setting with which to duel and dismember, complete with (unreachable) audience seats and banquet tables to keep the aristocracy entertained. It's also a military barracks of sorts, and by far the least open of the smaller maps, because - though the actual tourney area is very open to all - there are interior walkways that circle around the edges of the map, allowing players to seek shelter and heal, or sneak around to backstab an enemy.

The two large entrances that bridge the team spawn points and the outdoor area of the map are excellent natural chokepoints for Team Deathmatch and Skirmish matches, providing further impetus for players to find other means to kill off their enemies besides blindly pushing forwards until one team triumphs over the other.


  • Game Modes: Frontline, Deathmatch, TDM, Horde, Skirmish
  • Frontline Objectives:
    • Iron Company: escort the wagon to the stables checkpoint/burn down the Free Guard camp.
    • Free Guard: demolish the three lookout towers/escort the wagon to the Iron Company base.
  • Variants: 2

Camp is probably the flagship map of Mordhau. Not only is it one of the largest maps in the game, it's also just brilliantly well designed, with its wide open areas still forcing players down funnels at certain points and making for some intriguing and strategic battles, as well as tonnes of scope for alternate routes and tactics. There are always numerous ways to get from one point to another in Camp, allowing teams to split into smaller groups that can go on expeditions behind enemy lines to wreak havoc for a time. It's also the favoured terrain of horseback riders, who can take advantage of the openness of the map to go on hit-and-run attacks with ease (speaking of, why not check out our Mordhau horseback combat guide for tips on how to excel both with and against horses?).

That's all talking about the larger variant of Camp, of course, which is made for Frontline and Horde. The remaining modes will generally see the smaller variant of Camp, which prevents players from passing much further beyond the borders of the Free Guard encampment itself. But even here you're provided with a very open space alongside moments of verticality around the edges. In fact, the camp itself plays out very much like The Pit.


  • Game Modes: Frontline, Deathmatch, TDM, Horde, Skirmish
  • Frontline Objectives:
    • Iron Company: destroy the two barricades/kill the commander and warden.
    • Free Guard: untie the 8 peasants held hostage around the farm/destroy the three supply carts at the Iron Company base.
  • Variants: 3

Grad is, to my knowledge, the only map in Mordhau with three different variants. For Skirmish, Deathmatch, and TDM, you basically just have the castle itself and the immediate surrounding area in the courtyard in which you can wage battle. Frontline unlocks a small village outside the castle walls including the stables, the farm, and the Iron Company base of operations; and the Horde Mode variant unlocks even more surrounding area both across the river and down the hill towards the graveyard.

Grad is probably more diverse than any of the other Frontline maps in terms of playstyle, with its interspersing of very tight and isolated areas such as the castle walls and the village houses in amongst all the openness of the courtyard and farmlands. There's certainly a lot to discover here, particularly in the Horde Mode variant of the map; and, as with all the other maps, there are always plenty of ways in and out of different situations that reward players with the best map knowledge. So best spend some time exploring everything here, from the underground passages beneath the Free Guard castle to the different houses and structures in the village.

Mountain Peak

  • Game Modes: Frontline, Deathmatch, TDM, Horde, Skirmish
  • Frontline Objectives:
    • Iron Company: burn the tents at the Free Guard base.
    • Free Guard: push the ram to the Iron Company castle gate.
  • Variants: 1

Mountain Peak is somewhat of an oddity in that it's by far the smallest of the Frontline-ready maps in Mordhau. The flags and objectives also reflect this, with just two checkpoints (instead of three) besides the spawn areas, and one objective per team - and incidentally, just one horse per team as well, instead of two. This of course often makes for shorter games. But not always, because the game can stalemate like nobody's business if both teams are fairly evenly matched (or equally uninterested in fulfilling the objectives, which does happen from time to time).

The emphasis with Mountain Peak is on verticality and chokepoints, as the devs have expressed previously. The entire map is very neatly divided into three pathways: the central valley, where the checkpoints can be found; and two raised pathways connected by a rickety bridge that forms the centrepiece of the whole map. You'll often come across a great many more archers than usual on Mountain Peak, because those raised edges combined with numerous other vantage points such as the lookout tower beside the Iron Company castle means that very few places are safe from enemy fire here.


  • Game Modes: Frontline, Deathmatch, TDM, Horde, Skirmish
  • Frontline Objectives:
    • Iron Company: destroy the 6 supply areas/push the minecart into the Free Guard cave.
    • Free Guard: destroy the 2 barricades/burn the 5 log piles.
  • Variants: 2

Taiga is one of the latest maps to have been added to Mordhau, and revolves around a large central encampment which is the centre checkpoint in Frontline (and the entire map in the smaller variant reserved for Deathmatch, TDM, and Skirmish). The Free Guard emerge from a mine separated from the rest of the map by a river, while the Iron Company must approach from the opposite side.

The river itself is probably the most important part of this map, with just four possible bridges from one side to the other making for some intense skirmishes and chokepoint battles throughout each match. I've generally found that whomsoever holds the central checkpoint first, as long as they can hold onto it after the enemy team's initial counterattack, will often emerge the victor. But this is certainly not always the case, and the very narrow pathways that dominate this map make for some precarious fights where anything can happen.

Feitoria (upcoming map)

We're not sure how long Feitoria has been in the works, but it's looking pretty good from the snippets we've been given by Triternion. A large Italian-inspired town map dominated by wide roads and what look to be some nicely detailed houses and buildings, we also know from the screenshots that the town is home to a castle (of course) that you can see one of two glances of here if you so desire.

We're obviously not yet sure what to expect in terms of what playstyles will emerge with the release of Feitoria, but we do know that the map is intended to be a Frontline map as well as the other regular map types (if it's anything like the other maps, it's likely we'll also see a smaller variant for Deathmatch, TDM, and Skirmish, either in a cordoned off area of the town or the castle itself). It's certainly looking impressively finished from the screenshots, so hopefully we won't have long to wait before we can try out this colourful new location.

Castello (upcoming map)

We know even less about Castello than we do about Feitoria, having been supplied with no screenshots (hence my quick doodle above), nor news of any kind except for the fact that it's in development. "Castello" of course being Italian and Latin for "castle" or "fort" (and given Triternion's track record when it comes to Mordhau maps), we can expect this map to be dominated by some sort of castle or redoubt - hopefully one that's even larger and more intricately detailed than any we've seen so far in this game in order to earn it the title of "Castello". It may be that the name also indicates Italian influences much like Feitoria, as Castello is the name of a district of Venice.

But really we don't know much about this new map, nor even whether it's meant as a larger Frontline-ready map or one of the smaller maps like Tourney or Contraband. We'll have to wait for further information to be released in future blog posts and announcements by Triternion.

And that's more or less everything we know about the maps of Mordhau, both present and future - for the time being. Keep checking back as further information (and maps themselves) are released, because we'll be sure to keep this page updated with all the latest details and tips.

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