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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord continues its quest to quell quarrelsome crashes

Bug slayer

Settlements of bugs and crashes burn behind them, but the campaign is not yet complete. This Friday, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord developers TaleWords took the fight against the game's crashing to a new front. Patch e1.0.4 purged the game of 17 more crashes, with a scant few performance issues and balance oddities finding themselves caught in the crossfire.

Bannerlord finally entered early access this week. By all accounts, it's a brilliant successor to the sandbox RPG. But it launched in one hell of a state. Even as the sequel offered glimpses of something great, Sin decided to postpone her Bannerlord review until the game sorts out its dreadful performance problems.

To their credit, TaleWords are on the right track. A release-day hotfix was followed by a patch on April 1st, fixing a host of soft-locks, crashes and infinite loading issues. Patch e1.0.4 fixes 16 more singleplayer crashes, plus one pesky multiplayer issue that booted players to desktop when "a specific combat network message is received in the wrong order".

Friday's update also fixes a handful of less game-breaking issues, adds reintroduces over 200 items, tweaks armour and weapon production in town, and corrects a slight "whoops" in the Aserai's basic troop allocation. The full changelog can be found over on the e1.0.4 patch notes on Steam.

While crashes have hindered some of our forays into Bannerlord, they haven't kept the larger RPS force at bay. Guides general Dave has been mapping out the land, providing advice on everything from finding companionship to getting around those pesky bugs. Meanwhile, Brendan has been wooing Aserain warriors in an attempt to find love, get married, and finally move out of his cave in the listicle dungeons.

If the bugfixes keep up at this pace, we might even review it someday. Here's hoping.

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