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The best wireless mouse, Logitech's G Pro Wireless, is £62 today (was £110)

And the lowest price isn't on Amazon, for a change

My favourite mouse of all time is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. I've owned one since it came out in 2018, I still use it almost every day and I recommend it wherever possible - but normally, I have to say "I know it's expensive, but it's worth it."

Today, I don't need to say the second part, as this legendary Logitech mouse has dropped from its normal retail price of £110 (!) to something a little more reasonable. It's now £62 at Currys PC World when you use the code FNDDGAMING at the checkout. That's the lowest price we've ever seen for this model, and a great deal for anyone looking for a high performance wireless mouse for work or gaming.

So: why all this love for the GPW? Well, it was one of the very first mice to ship with Logitech's incredible Lightspeed wireless. This was the first wireless mouse I ever saw used by esports pros, and the first I tried that truly felt as responsive and reliable as a wired alternative. Beyond that, it's rather light, at 80 grams, just on the boundary of what was then the emerging ultralight mouse category. It's symmetric too, making it comfortable for use in right or left hands, and even the side buttons can be moved to either side to suit your handedness - brilliant.

The G Pro Wireless is very easy to travel with too, which is one of the reasons that I keep it with my laptop on most days. It's small, its battery life is good at around 48 hours and its USB dongle fits neatly inside a magnetically-sealed pocket on the underside of the mouse. Coincidentally, that same pocket can be swapped out for a fancier one to enable wireless charging when used with a PowerPlay mouse pad - pretty nifty.

I'm not the only one that's a big fan of the G Pro Wireless either. Katharine called it the best wireless gaming mouse ever made in her review, and it still ranks as the best wireless gaming mouse in her rodent-y roundup. I think that's pretty much dead on.

Logitech did release an updated version last year, the G Pro X Superlight, but beyond a lower weight and a few fewer features (like those useful movable side buttons), there's not much to justify going for that £130 model unless you're a professional esportster that needs a lighter mouse at any cost. So: the G Pro Wireless. Brilliant mouse, can personally and professionally recommend it at £110, and at £62 with code I think it's an absolute cracker of a deal.

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