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Near-Total War: The Humble Total War Bundle

Pay-want-you-want bloodshed

War! Huah! What is it good for? Well, lately I find the song that mass bloodshed inspired gives me a fun creative exercise as I open post after post quoting those lyrics then need to somehow make it work. This is the one where I go a bit meta, yeah? Kicking the fourth wall square in its cobbles, huh?

What's Total War [official site] good for? A lark! The Creative Assembly have worked for over fifteen years on the series combining turn-based strategy with real-time tactics, and you can pick up a fair chunk of it on the cheap in the latest Humble Bundle.

The Humble Total War Bundle is the usual pay-what-you-want dealio, offering more games as you pay more.

Paying at least $1 (about 65p) will get you Steam keys for Medieval II: Total War, Shogun: Total War plus its expansion, and Viking: Battle for Asgard (hey, that's not a Total War game!). Also thrown in are a beta key for Total War: Arena, some guff for the free-to-play Total War Battles: Kingdoms, and a load of music and eBooks and stuff.

Beat the average price people have paid (currently $8.04/£5-ish) and you'll also get Medieval: Total War plus its expansion, Empire: Total War with a load of DLC, microtransaction cash for Total War: Arena, a coupon giving money off Total War: Attila, and some other games they'll reveal in a few days.

Pay $15 (£10) or more and Humble will throw in Total War: Rome II with a load of DLC.

That's not bad, all that.

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