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Noita's Snowy Update summons fifteen new spells

Since you've no place to go

Noita's having a cold spell. Fifteen, in fact, all wrapped up in last night's update to the pixel-physics-powered roguelike. You can summon boxes of death now. Or cast a chain zap. Or chuck eggs with spells in them. Mucking about with new spells is one of the main draws of Noita so it's nice to have even more of them. Even if those eggs are a bit crap.

We've also got a coupla new monsters, new weather effects, new magic materials, and a new game plus mode. How any of you have reached the end of the normal game is beyond me.

Behold, snow.

Cover image for YouTube video

As I should have expected, when I loaded in it was raining instead. I'll eat my thunderstone if you can't access a secret area by restarting until you actually are blessed with snow, then waiting until it's stacked up enough for you to fly over the cliff on the right.

Many of the patch specifics have been left mysterious, because this is that sort of game. I won't spoil anything that isn't on show in that trailer, but I will say that the chain zapping spell is very useful, the armour potions are handy, and the new bomb-throwers are pricks.

I'll also say that my run this morning reminded me that when Noita shines, it's radiant. I came across a pit of gunpowder blocking my path, but didn't have any fire spells that I'd normally chuck in to clear the way. I wondered if the thunderstone I was lugging around might do the job, and low and behold, I whipped it out and a spark set the whole thing off.

A bit later I started exploring a ghost-ridden tomb, and water started pouring in from above. Worse, something kept electrocuting it, so I swam away at speed. Then I noticed a wand drifting down through the torrent. Unable to resist, I went back and picked it up - and immediately got electrocuted by the sparks it emits when being held.

There's a reason we made Noita our Can't Stop Playing game a few months ago, and why Graham genuinely can't stop feeding himself to it..

Full patch notes are here.

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