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Of Frying Pans And Fire: Walking Dead Episode 4

I'll put most of this after the jump so that people who aren't up to date don't get spoilers in their afternoon tea. The Walking Dead: Episode Four sees the survivors entering "the worst kind" of place. Anyone following the series will know that all the places so far have been far from "the best kind" of places. The trailer below contains piles of zombies and malicious use of a walkie talkie.

Things get even worse, eh? So far it's been a walk in the park, the park being full of flesh-eating monstrosities, the sorrowful and suicidal, and the unhinged and murderous. So what's in store? More grief, more anger and more madness. It's the penultimate episode and at this point, I'd be surprised if at least two members of Lee's gang don't bite the bullet and then bite someone else on the bonce. Who will be the first to shuffle off this mortal coil and then shamble back onto it? My money's on Ben.

Calling the final scene now. Lee and Clementine make it to the boat. Everyone else is dead. Lee steers out into the open sea but then! The camera pans in on his horrified expression.

What he thought was a boat is actually a floating prison for child murderers. Also zombies.

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