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Oh Me, Oh: Maia Coming To Steam Early Access In Dec

Life science

Maia really does sound insanely marvelous, doesn't it? It's got all the complexity of a whirring, churning management simulation paired with the more down-to-earth-space personal side of something like The Sims or even Dwarf Fortress. The game's planet is a harsh, unwelcoming place, but it greeted Adam with a brain-warming embrace. He quickly fell in love, and - via the ropey spinal strands of our official hivemind apparatus - so did the rest of RPS. But when can you pluck your own bendy straw into Maia's thick systemic stew? Well, you've still got a bit of a wait ahead of you, but December's not that far off.

Developer/floating brain deity Simon Roth made the Early Access release date announcement via a post on Maia's Kickstarter:

"I'm setting the date for an early access Steam launch as December 3rd. It's still quite far away, but we don't want to rush into it. With the direct pre-orders having scored us £12000 or so, we have a little more leeway and have no immediate need for a big cash injection. There's a lot of work to go in before we release the alpha to the masses. Although getting everyone of you Steam keys is very important to me, having anywhere from ten to a hundred thousand new testers overnight would be a bit much to handle."

Meanwhile, Roth's currently working on adding destructibility to all objects in the game such that environmental hazards like harsh solar winds wear away at structures and things over time. Also on the way: a livestock room with chicken reproduction (!!!). Which is good, because chickens have a hard time reproducing without their own rooms. Or air.

But yes, December. I'm quite ready for that to be now. How about you?

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