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Our favourite lightweight gaming mouse is heavily discounted at Amazon UK

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste and Pulsefire Haste Wireless are 60% off.

Two of the best gaming mice - and indeed, the best ultralight mouse in the RPS guide to gaming mice that are good - are going exceedingly cheap on Amazon UK today. The Pulsefire Haste and Pulsefire Haste Wireless are ideal for competitive and casual gaming alike, with lightweight designs and high-end specs, and now you can pick either for little.

The wired Pulsefire Haste (£20, normally £50) is the cheaper and lighter option, weighing in at 59 grams, while the wireless Pulsefire Haste Wireless (£40, normally £90) offers more freedom but requires recharging every 100 hours. It also weighs a tiny bit more, at 61 grams.

I've tested both mice for Digital Foundry, and found them unexpectedly excellent, as HyperX (now part of HP) aren't as known for their gaming rodents as their competitors. The mechanical switches under the left and right mouse buttons offer a better click than most optical alternatives, the optical sensors used are reliable and the honeycomb-style holes provide a decent amount of grip while also allowing the mice to hit those extremely low weights that are so valued by FPS players. The wired mouse is also notable for its excellent soft cable, which makes it feel almost wireless.

For more deals on RPS-recommended gaming mice, we've got you covered: there are a few more gaming mice still available in Cyber Monday sales.

Thanks for checking out the article and stay tuned for more deals as we exit Black Friday and Cyber Monday and return to regularly scheduled 'as we find them' programmign!

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