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Overwatch adding deathmatch to Arcade lineup

Stop ignoring the objective

Deathmatch is finally coming to Overwatch [official site] as a side mode. For players who simply want to run around shooting people, paying no heed to any objectives, free-for-all and team deathmatch modes are being added to the Arcade lineup of rotating game modes. Oh sure, do it now, Overwatch has only suffered a year of those jerks ignoring the objective. Some existing maps have been modified for deathmatch, and Blizzard have purpose-made a new deathmatch map set in Widowmaker's family estate in France. Deathmatch isn't properly live yet but is on the public test servers so you can have a go today.

Deathmatch mode will pit eight players against each other in a first-to-20 fragest. Team Deathmatch will be 4v4 in a race to 30 points. As established deathmatch rules dictate, killing yourself loses one point.

It mostly goes down on modified versions of regular maps but FFA will also include Chateau Guillard. Widowmaker's ancestral home will include "slight hints about her background and what she's up to", game director Jeff Kaplan said in an accompanying video. Of course fans are already poring over details but mostly I like the idea that she rattles around a lake mansion glugging expensive wine.

While the Arcade lineup rotates, so deathmatch won't be featured constantly, the deathmatch modes will be available in custom games.

Deathmatch is now live on the public test realm, along with an assortment of balance tweaks.

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