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Overwatch patches in Baptiste to patch you up

Say hello to hero #30

Blizzard today add Overwatch's thirtieth character, a combat medic by the name of Baptiste. He has the power to thwomp out healing grenades, create an "immortality field" that stops nearby pals from dying, throw down barriers that amplify friendly damage and healing passing through it... he's a medic, in combat. Baptiste has been on the public test servers for three weeks now, where he's seemed pretty strong, and with today's update he arrives in Overwatch properly.

Rather than clumsily rephrase Blizzard's blurb with added rubbo jokes, I'll simply share their description of Baptiste and his abilities.

"Baptiste's Biotic Launcher fires a three-round-burst that rewards accuracy and recoil control with significant damage output. His alternate fire lobs grenades that heal allies near the point of impact. With Regenerative Burst, Baptiste activates an intense surge that heals himself and nearby allies over time. When danger is near, Baptiste can toss out his Immortality Field to prevent allies from dying. Baptiste moves around the battlefield with Exo Boots, jumping over obstacles and clearing distances that would stop other heroes. Baptiste deploys his Amplification Matrix as his ultimate, which doubles the damage and healing effects of friendly projectiles."

See his hero page for more details and moving pictures.

Baptiste currently isn't available in competitive play, sitting in the usual two-week waiting period to see if a new character is too powerful or wonky. He will arrive in comp just ahead of the start of the Overwatch League's Stage 2, and many fans are hoping he'll shake up the staid meta with its dominant 'Goats' strategy - which Jay Castello explained in her Know It OWL column.

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