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Overwatch slams in new character Doomfist

Slam! Give 'im a go today

The dastardly Doomfist is finally arriving in Overwatch [official site], now playable on the test realm after yonks of teasing. He's one of the baddies in Blizzard's FPS, a man who has a robot arm and is jolly annoyed because a monkey put him in prison and... that doesn't matter. He is a new character, and he is here, able to shoot from his knuckles and punch things mightily. Meet him in this new trailer:

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See? He likes punching and dislikes that snitch monkey. It's nice that Blizzard put so much effort into serious, boring, moody story when I guarantee you that we're five minutes from the Internet deciding what sort of dad he is, which Overwatcher he's smooching, which one is their adopted child, and whether he prefers to blow raspberries on his friends' necks or tummies.

As for what Doomfist actually does in the game, Blizzard explain:

"Doomfist's cybernetics make him a highly mobile, powerful frontline fighter. His primary attack is the Hand Cannon; this four-shot weapon fires projectiles from Doomfist's knuckles one a time or in a single blast. With his secondary attack, Rocket Punch, he charges forward and delivers a devastating blow, knocking back any opponent it connects with and dealing extra damage if the enemy is hurled into a wall.

"Seismic Slam smashes into a targeted area, knocking opponents toward him so he can deal further damage. His Rising Uppercut tosses enemies high into the air, while his passive ability, The Best Defense…, grants him shields every time he uses one of his abilities against an opponent. Lastly, his ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, causes him to leap high and drop into a targeted area, dealing massive amounts of damage."

Hit his Overwatch website profile for more info. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has a lot to say about him too:

Cover image for YouTube video

Blizzard haven't yet said when Doomfist will properly arrive in Overwatch. However, if you hop on the test realm you can play with him right now. The PTR patch notes have instructions on how to do that, along with details on what else the update changes. One of the more exciting features there is a reworking of loot boxes that makes duplicates less likely. It's popping in support for customised crosshairs too.

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