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Overwatch's new unlockable Ana outfit is cool for cats

(Cooool for caaats)

Winning nine rounds of Overwatch over the next fortnight will net you a neat-o cat costume for snipermum Ana, thanks to challenge Blizzard have launched. The 'Bastet' skin leans into her Ancient Egyptian mythology flair, and it's a good'un. While much focus around the out-of-game short story which inspired this, also named Bastet, has been on the fact that growly shootman Soldier76 mopes over his ex-boyfriend (who'd guess that barrel of sunshine was a moper?), the best part clearly is Ana dressing as a cat. She must have known her fightpals would become the subjects of odd mash-up cosplay and wanted to establish a cool fursona.

As Blizzard explain, the top reward in Ana's Bastet Challenge is the 'epic' Bastest skin. To get that, you'll need to win nine games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade by January 22nd. You'll also pick up a crouching victory pose after six wins, and a cat player icon after three.

Blizzard are also still doing the 'get sprays for watching Twitch folks' thing, because #brandintegration. Watching any of fourteen streamers they've picked will give sprays after two, four, and six hours of total viewing time. You can get five new sprays in all, including oh god a photo of Moper76 with his beau mate move on don't use this spray you can't do this forever let it go.

The point is: CAT.

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Oh wow, I'd never seen the Cool For Cats video with its hot moves and bold outfits. Nice.

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