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How To Draw And Cosplay Overwatch's Characters

Hope you like catsuits!

I remember Craig, formerly of this parish, once trying to put together a Halloween costume and stumbling down the well of messageboards where people studied screencaps of films and TV shows and tried to identify glove manufacturers, watch models, and other fine details. He would have appreciated the producers of Dexter putting out a guide as detailed as the one Blizzard have released to cosplaying any of the characters in multiplayer shooter Overwatch [official site].

The reference kits include production shots of characters from different angles, close-ups of particular details, and colour guides so I can tell you that D.Va's mech suit is is exactly this colour. This is useful not just for cosplay, but for fan art, model creation and other activities, too.

I like that Blizzard are releasing this. It's easy to be cynical about characters designed solely to garner the kind of affection that leads to fan art and cosplay, but probably only because we're sick monsters who like spoiling other people's fun. These are the more constructive aspects of fandom, and if you can adequately dress-up as Winston, a bespectacled gorilla in metal armour, then send me the photos and I will post them here.

Overwatch is currently in beta and Pip has been playing and enjoying it, with gradually diminishing reservations as Blizzard patch and improve it. Other than the reference guides above, the most recent interesting Overwatch news is that it'll be a paid and not free-to-play game, and that its post-release maps and characters will be free and not DLC.

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