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5 things to try in the next Overwatch free weekend

Choose Mei

Overwatch [official site], aka The Shooter You Tell Your Mates You Don’t Fancy Even Though You Really Do, is having another free weekend. It isn’t this weekend, sadly, but starting on Friday September 22. That’s enough time to get you boys and girls in fighting shape. If you haven’t played the colourful hero shooter yet, here’s some important things you definitely must do once you’re on the battlefield.

Make the tin man fly off the ledge


Reinhart is a giant man made out of kettles. His special power is that he can charge off the edge of the map and into the fathomless white space below. Often things will get in your way, such as walls or enemy players, but you will soon learn to use this power correctly.

Put the teleport lady’s device in a dark place


Symmetra is a good character because she is the best murderer. Her “ultra-special” is a teleporter device that your team mates can use to quickly get to the battle. Good locations to place this teleporter include:

  • facing into a corner
  • beside a large, fatal drop
  • directly outside the spawn room

Use the ice girl to build a house


The blue girl called Mei can create walls of ice. You should try making a house with them, but you will need to be fast!

Choose the archer man when there’s already two sniper ladies


His name is Hanzo and he is very necessary.

Be Genji


If you are Genji, it means the Genji person isn't Genji, and that is good.

To play the free weekend, you’ll need Blizzard’s Boom-App or whatever they are calling their Battle.net client these days, and you’ll have to register an account with them too. Any costumes you unlock or emotes you get from loot boxes will carry over if you do decide to buy it. I mean, you should. You should have bought it last year, you silly person.

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