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Seven Minutes Of Cybermonk From Blizzard's Overwatch


What Blizzard have shown off of Overwatch [official site] so far has been pretty slick, but it's mostly been fancy cinematic trailer and quick snippets of gameplay. What does the actual game look like? See for yourself in a new trailer with seven minutes of straight action with a robomonk levitating around the streets of Merrye Olde Neo-London.

Overwatch, in case you've missed it, is Blizzard's first new joint in yonks: a multiplayer class-based, objective-driven FPS.

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I'm not really feeling it, myself. It's the nature of defense modes to hang around the point, I suppose, but the player rarely strays more than ten metres from it, running laps from the point to a road they blindly spam shots down to a health pack to the point to... it looks a bit dull. Capture/defend modes in FPSs like Team Fortress 2 and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory give plenty of opportunities to go on the offensive while defending, or at the very least not just babysit the point. Still, this only shows one round in one mode with one class: there may be a lot more going on.

And ye gods! The dialogue! Every action seems to trigger a line, making it sound like you're repeatedly clicking on a Warcraft unit until they say their comedy lines. However, Blizzard did say in reply to a YouTube comment, "We're still tuning the frequency of Zenyatta's dialogue (among other heroes) and are also planning to add more lines into his rotation."

Despite apparently dropping a load of grump all over this video, I'm curious to see more of it from more classes and other modes. Blizzard certainly aren't shy of reworking and iterating on a game until it's ready either. You can sign up for the beta through your Battle.net account.

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