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You Can Watch These Overwatch Videos Over and Over

Blam blam

I hope you like watching footage of Overwatch [official site], because over the last month since our last look, Blizzard have released eight new character gameplay previews for their upcoming team FPS. That's around seventy minutes of direct capture Overwatch videos to enjoy.

Look, I've embedded them all here for you so you don’t even need to click away to get your fix. They’re even in chronological order, with the newest ones nearest the top. Aren’t I nice.

Despite Blizzard's insistence that this footage is from an "early version of Overwatch", the game is looking pretty smooth and robust.

It also looks like Overwatch will have a really nicely varied cast of characters when it launches. Even if some of the designs delete some of that goodwill Blizzard gained with Tracer's character reveal (ahem, Widowmaker). With the beta beginning this autumn, there’s plenty of time for Blizzard to come up with more cooky chums to fight with and against. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the skills and abilities of the ones we already know about. But be quick about it, they’ll probably be releasing a new one any minute now.

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