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Overwatch has released a soundtrack featuring funky tunes from its maps

What is that melody?

Blizzard have released an Overwatch album, so now you can bop along to your favourite in-game tunes even when you're not playing. Overwatch: Cities And Countries is a collection of soundtracks from the game, all based on the global locations of its maps. You know when you first load into a match, and it plays that short riff of music symbolic of the setting? These are basically just the full versions of those, and they're actually really good.

Overwatch: Cities And Countries is being released on several streaming platforms throughout various regions today - though so far I've only seen it on Spotify and YouTube. Blizzard are a bit vague as to where else it'll pop up, but say to keep an eye on this for info.

Overwatch is never a game I think of when I'm looking for game soundtracks to have on in the background, but listening to this it's just dawned on me how good the OST really is. Have a listen to my personal favourite, from the South Korean city of Busan:

Cover image for YouTube video

There's an in-game event happening alongside this hot album drop, too. It's called Sigma's Maestro Challenge, and it kicks off tomorrow. If the previous Overwatch Challenges we've seen are anything to go by, it'll likely be that thing again where if you win nine matches you're rewarded with a cool skin for the character the event's focusing on.

Elsewhere in the world of Overwatch, the new competitive season recently started up again, and this time Blizzard have fully done away with those rubbish hero pools.

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