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Overwatch launches Lunar New Year event

Enter the Year of the Rooster

Overwatch [official site] has kicked off its Chinese New Year celebrations with a new temporary Brawl mode, fireworks, and so very many snazzy new outfits for the Overwizards. The new 'Capture the Rooster' mode (we're entering the Year of the Rooster, yeah?) isn't quite as fancy as it sounds, but two-flag CTF (with a cocked-up flag) is nothing to sniff at. Here, check out all the festivities in this trailer:

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Those are some swish outfits! What a fancy Lunar Loot Boxes replace the regular Loot Boxes, packing over 100 cosmetic doodads including skins, poses, sprays, emotes, and more. These boxes (and their contents) will only be available until the Lunar New Year event ends, but whatever you unlock is obviously yours for keepsies.

As for Capture the Rooster, yup, it's two-flag CTF on the map Lijiang Tower. Grab the other team's flag; stop them from swiping yours. CTF is usually a solid mode but I am slightly disappointed it's not weirder. Consider Quake 2 mod Catch the Chicken, a deathmatch mode where players try to grab and hold a chicken for as long as possible. Yeah, okay, maybe a large part of my interest in Catch the Chicken is the deep lore revealed in its readme file:


Once there was a chicken. Some idiot picked up this chicken and discovered he received mysterious points for holding onto it. His friends became so jealous they killed him and took the chicken for them selves. Catch the Chicken had begun.

Anyway! Lunar New Year. Blizzard are also celebrating it with an event in Heroes of the Storm, a co-op mission in StarCraft II, and events across Azeroth.

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