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Overwatch matches to flood with Bastions attempting chandelier jumps

I'm not a sports-watcher. Generally, looking at people play games just leaves me with the wriggly, uncomfortable sensation that my time could be better spent playing a game myself. Every now and then, though, I see a clip of a pro pulling off something wild and get a glimpse of what I'm missing. Like Bastion yeeting himself up to a chandelier and raining fiery canon shots on a rival team in the grand finals of the Overwatch League.

Hats off to you, Architect of team San Francisco Shock. OWL spoilers below.

This was Shock's second game against the Vancouver Titans, played last Sunday. They'd go on to win the whole competition, but I'll leave the breakdown to Jay Castello's inevitably excellent final Know It OWL column, once it goes up.

It's a great little rocket jump, but I'm more enamoured with the reaction to the play than the play itself. Just listen to that crowd. Thousands of people wrapping their brains around a sentient tank explosively sneaking up to a typically inconsequential chandelier. It's plenty nice sharing that moment remotely, by myself, two days after the fact. Witnessing it first hand at the same time as thousands of other fans must have been electric, as dozens of people on Reddit attest to.

One of them, "eMF_DOOM", shared this:

"I was watching the Grand Finals after NFL on Sunday at my Dad’s place cuz there was nothing else on. My Dad decided to sit down with me and watch a lil bit. He’s an old school ETQW-player and played with a lot of 'clans' back in the day. So he’s pretty familiar with team-based shooters.

"He saw this strat and immediately laughed and said 'wow they just won huh?' I was just like 'yep, they’re about to now' lmao. He was really impressed with the Doomfist Ult+Orisa Pull combo in one of the earlier matches too.

"Idk why I wanted to share this. But it was just really cool connecting with my Dad about something other than sports and cars."

Esports. I get them now.

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