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Overwatch's New Hero Is Ana - Pharah's Mum

Will you play Ana?

Apparently the fan art is correct: everyone in Overwatch [official site] is mummies and daddies and babies. Blizzard today announced the next hero (summoner? champion? wizard? oh god) added to their FPS will be Ana - who is Pharah's mum. Ana is a support sniper (as some speculated Sombra might be) with a bolt-action rifle that heals allies and harms enemies, tranquiliser darts, and grenades which heal or harm too. She's not properly out yet but you can try her in the latest test version.

So, abilities! Ana has a scoped Biotic Rifle firing darts which heal allies and drain enemies. Her Biotic Grenade heals allies and gives them a buff that boosts all healing for a few moments, while enemies it hits are damaged and can't be healed for a few seconds. She has a wee gun firing sleep darts to knock enemies out. Lastly, her ultimate is Nano Boost, which buffs a teamie with increased damage and faster movement while reducing the damage they receive.

If that sounds like your sort of bag, hey, you can hop on the Public Test Region and try her today. Those test notes also call out impending buffs for D.Va and Zenyatta.

What's Pharah's mum doing on the battlefield? Other than embarrassing her in front of all her friends GOD MUM LEAVE ME ALONE! This here story trailer explains:

Cover image for YouTube video

Which is typical Blizzard loreguff far too serious for a game about silly people and apes and robots doing zap-zaps and larking about while yelling catchphrases. Here's what Ana is actually like:

Cover image for YouTube video

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