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Overwatch is off to gay Paris in latest map, now live

The Overwatch gang are off on their hols to Paris in the newest map, added last night. Now everyone's just scrapping for funsies, the 'watch' part of their name is more about sightseeing than surveilling and their global tour has now reached the City of Lights. The map's been on the test servers for three weeks, and now it's in the main client for all to enjoy. Take in the sights, watch a robot cabaret singer, get hammered on pastis and blow up your mates for the banter, then find a piano to bang out a ditty for a knees-up.

Paris, as the map is simply named, is one of those there Assault types. And yes, the piano is actually playable by shooting specific keys. While show-offs are banging out Beethoven and memesters are mashing Smash Mouth, I like this classic wonky duet:

Cover image for YouTube video

Yup, that's about as well as my sister and I would play it whenever we found a piano.

The patch notes also detail a change that has players a little puzzled.

"In Overwatch, a health type order determines the prioritisation of subtracting health, shield, or armour types when a hero takes damage. For example, if a hero has recoverable shields and takes damage, the damage taken will diminish the recoverable shield before it subtracts from their recoverable health. Previously, it was possible for heroes' recoverable shields to be prioritised for damage and regeneration, allowing their non-recoverable armour to persist. With the order adjustment, heroes who have been granted non-recoverable armour or shields will now consume those resources before recoverable health, armour, or shields."

Which might sound big but actually covers fewer abilities and characters than you might initially think. This is not a change that will stop the 'GOATS' deathball strategy currently dominating high-level Overwatch play.

Oh, here's a peek at the rest of the map from Blizzard too:

Cover image for YouTube video

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