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Overwatch's next hero is Sigma, a gravity-bending villain with a PhD

Why don't we try defying gravity

Overwatch picks up another academic super-villain with new lad, Sigma.

An "eccentric astrophysicist" with a fondness for harnesses and eyebrows that could skin a bear, Sigma's origin story was revealed last night. This followed some tantalising Tweets from Overwatch boss Jeff Kaplan (the tease) wherein an entire update video was sucked into a piano rehearsal.

It's your classic supervillain stuff. Kindly old scientist Sigma flies a little too close to the sun during an experiment, resulting in sick gravity powers that the law doesn't understand. Deemed a "threat to humanity" and sustaining "serious psychological damage", Sigma joins resident rascals and terrorists-at-large Talon.

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That whole mad scientist angle sits a little uneasy, mind. Sigma's origin tale is maybe the most comic-book nonsense in Overwatch to date, and uncritically plays into a lot of iffy mental illness imagery of that kind. Deeming a mentally ill person a danger to the public? Exploiting them as a "living weapon"? Thanks, Blizzard.

But enough of this story guff - Overwatch is a very serious competitive videogame. For now, we can only speculate on his role, abilities and where he'll fit in the meta for now. With all this gravity chat I wager he'll be slowing down foes and making his allies lighter-than-air.

Blizzard will probably spill the beans on all that within the next week or two. Stay tuned.

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