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Pick up a full-size Logitech G915 mechanical keyboard for £120 after a £50 discount

A historic low price for RPS' best wireless keyboard.

Our pick for the best wireless keyboard is heavily discounted at Amazon today, with the Logitech G915 Lightspeed dropping from £170 to £120. That's a historic low price on a keyboard that editor-in-chief Katharine called 'probably the loveliest keyboard I've ever used'.

High praise indeed, and it was enough to earn a coveted RPS recommendation - even at its original price. Now you can pick up this delightfully clicky keyboard with low profile mechanical switches, a full-size UK layout and a beautiful metal build for £50 less.

So what I can I say about the Logitech G915 that hasn't already been covered in our best gaming keyboards roundup or the full G915 Lightspeed review? Well, I guess that just leaves my personal impressions - which are, as you might have surmised, also extremely positive.

First of all, the keyboard feels like a million quid. It's incredibly thin, but its metal design gives it strength and density, like one of those fancy metal credit cards turned into a keyboard. The volume wheel rolls elegantly under the finger, and each switch on the keyboard produces a pleasant report. The only thing letting down the side are the slightly spongey buttons along the top, extra keys for enabling game mode and skipping tracks, but thankfully all the rest of the keys - including the macro keys down the left side - are perfect.

The G915 is also just pleasant to use. The provided USB dongle means there's no awkward pairing phase to go through, just bullet-proof 2.4GHz with comparable latency to wired keyboards. I never had issues with inputs being dropped or delayed, and beyond needing to recharge it every once in a while you'll forget that it's wireless. (In terms of battery life - it should be measured in the weeks if RGB is disabled, or 30 hours with the RGB on 100% brightness.)

Anyway, I could go on but I reckon you get the picture. It's a beautiful ultra-premium keyboard, now available at a slightly more sane price thanks to a hefty discount. Thanks for joining me and we'll see you again for a new deal very shortly.

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