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Podcast: Why we’re playing Streets Of Rogue

Listen to our street music

You may have already seen us bellowing about Streets Of Rogue, the tiny but flavourful immersive sim full of chaos and angry gorillas. That’s because we can’t stop playing it. This week, the pod squad are gathering to chat about why they think it’s so bloomin’ good. But also their favourite characters in the game, from a drug-addicted investment banker to a tiny naked body snatcher.

Also, it’s Astrid’s first appearance! Well, her first time on the main pod, anyway. Nate and Brendan are also there, but they are old now, and not very interesting. Fresh blood for the pod god. That’s what we like here on the Electronic Wireless Show.

They also have time to chat about what they’ve ben playing. Brendan has been mucking about in battle royale bumslide ‘em up Apex Legends, playing a six-hour marathon with Matt and Astrid. Meanwhile Nate has been building stuff in Minecraft, and again, Astrid pops up in goblin form to build a subterranean railway system on his server. She’s everywhere!

You can listen on Spotify, or above, or go straight to Soundcloud where you can download it for later.

You can also get the RSS feed here or find it on iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts. Music is by Jack de Quidt, except the Streets Of Rogue theme, which is faithfully rendered by Nate.


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