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In Streets Of Rogue you can now win by becoming mayor

"Gorilla 4 Mayor"

Urban chaos sim Streets Of Rogue has added its last level, and finally lets you conquer its cyberpunk randocity in a fair and just way - by becoming mayor. It's been in early access for a while but the roguelite can now be completed from beginning to end, whether you are an angry gorilla revolutionary or a cocaine-addicted investment banker. All you have to do is wear the mayor’s hat and make a speech at the city's electoral podium. That's the beauty of democracy.

Although, it might not be that easy. See, from the very beginning of this city-in-a-skyscraper, your goal is to overthrow the corrupt mayor. You make your way up, from floor to floor, from slums to parks to industrial districts, causing a ruckus with one of 23 oddball characters. As an early access 'em up, later levels have been added as developer Matt Debrowski went along. The final conflict with the mayor has been missing until now. The goal of becoming mayor yourself doesn’t need to be achieved by violence, but it can be, as Dabrowski explains in this update post on Steam:

"You can achieve this goal through tactics that you've used previously (fighting, theft, etc.), which can end up being tricky because the Mayor is very heavily guarded. Or, you can beat him/her in a legitimate election -- there’s a sign in the Mayor's office that explains how this works. Some tactics will prove to be much easier than others (in fact, there are a few very easy ways to cheese the whole thing), but for you completionists, there are achievements and differing ending text based on the method you use."

So there's a final level and an end credits sequence. Super. But work continues on the micro-bedlam generator, with a 24th playable character planned in time for the actually-a-game-now launch, due some time this winter. There'll be even more characters after that too, says Dabrowski.

This update also gives me a chance to take a look at the patch notes. Streets Of Rogue is one of the good 'uns for small yet ridiculous corrections concerning the state of the game's insides. Things like this:

  • "Alien can no longer be Possessed or Cannibalized"
  • Office Drones can be bribed to like you again (this can be used for electability purposes)
  • Fix for player being able to take out loans in Uptown and Mayor Village (this should not have been possible)

An insensitive joke about deaf actor Marlee Matlin, used in an item description, was also changed after it was brought up by fellow Things-Go-Wrong creator Tom Francis, with Dabrowski apologising, saying it "missed the mark by a mile". Anyway, good that it's gone, because this is an otherwise daft dilly-dally through a tiny Deus Ex that I very much enjoyed when I wrote our Streets Of Rogue early access review.

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