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Psychonauts 2 features the dulcet tones of Jack Black


I had looked away from the Xbox Games Showcase for a mere couple of minutes when the new Psychonauts 2 trailer dropped, so you may understand my surprise when I started hearing Jack Black's voice blaring through my headphones. That's right, Double Fine's sequel to the bizarre brain-exploring platformer will feature songs performed by the School Of Rock teacher himself.

Here's that trailer with the, admittedly, pretty cool song he's done for it:

Cover image for YouTube video

The inside of Jack Black's brain is more psychedelic than I thought it would be. He isn't just a musician for the game, though. The devs say he actually plays "a mysterious ball of light" that helps the player on their mission. That's a good one for the ol' CV. Jack Black has been pally with Double Fine since starring in Brutal Legend.

The game's story follows on directly from the first game, with the player jumping into the shoes of Raz, who has officially joined the Psychonauts - but now he needs to investigate some strange goings-on inside the agency.

Psychonauts 2 was announced back in 2016, with Double Fine running a successful crowdfunder to get the sequel rolling. Microsoft bought-up the studio last year though, hence why we're seeing this as part of an Xbox showcase (though the game is coming to other platforms, too).

The game is coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, and PS4 in 2021. It's on Xbox Game Pass too. Check out the website for more info.

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