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On the spattered line: Quake Champions beta signups

Check out the new trailer

Beta signups have opened for Quake Champions [official site], the next rocketjumping, gibspraying multiplayer shooter from id Software. Champions brings in the modern 'hero' strand of shootybangs, giving each character "unique attributes and abilities", and I'm interested to see how that works out. We already have two decades of Quakes doing minor variations on the near-perfect Quake formula so sure, go on, give it the ol' twisteroo and show us what you've got. Oh, yes, a new trailer is a good start:

Cover image for YouTube video

Beta signups are over here. Bethesda say that the closed beta "is expected to begin in the coming weeks".

I'm still not sure about each character having different abilities but I think that's my mod-loving heart clinging to the past. It sees Quake as a lean core, which is ace in itself and a firm foundation for modders to build upon with classes, hoverboards, or whatever else they fancied. And then I'd skip base Quake and only play mods anyway.

Though I am quite definitely sorry that character models are tied to skills. Am I supposed to decide once and for all whether I want the world to see me as a force-blade punk or a clattering skellington? Too tough.

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