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Razer's Viper Mini mouse can be snapped up for £25 today

An ultralight price for an ultralight gaming mouse

Razer's Viper Mini ultralight gaming mouse is a nifty little thing if you've got smaller than average hands, and thanks to a new promo code over at Currys PC World, it's now even lighter on your old wallet, too. Normally £40, Currys have slashed £10 off the price of the Viper Mini today - but you can save an additional fiver by adding the promo code FNDDGAMING at checkout. Handy!

Technically, this promo code is for free next day delivery, which usually costs £5, but if you opt for standard delivery instead when you get to your delivery options at checkout, you'll still get the £5 discount applied to your basket anyway. I've tried it myself and it does work, letting me pick up a Viper Mini up for a very agreeable £25 instead of its already discounted price of £30.

I must admit, even I found the Viper Mini a bit too tiny for my spindly fingers, but I can see this right-handed mouse being a great pick for kids, as well as those with generally small hands. It's super lightweight, too, weighing just 61g, making it very easy to swish around your mouse mat. Alas, despite its symmetrical design, it's not really a proper ambidextrous mouse for lefties like Razer's regular-sized Viper, as it no longer has those all-important pair of side buttons on the right-hand side. Instead, you're just left with two side buttons on the left, which is a shame given the relative scarcity of ambidextrous mice in general.

The Razer Viper Mini still gives you plenty of customisation options for those extra buttons, though, including multiple DPI / sensitivity options, media controls and Windows shortcuts to name just a few options available in Razer's Synapse software suite. Its top speed of 8500 DPI is also more than enough for most people, despite being much lower than the 16,000 DPI settings you'll see on other gaming mice these days.

Of course, if you're in the market for a cheap gaming mouse and you're worried the Viper Mini might be a touch too small, then it would be remiss of me not to mention that my current favourite budget gaming mouse is also on sale right now for even less. Indeed, while the above promo code sadly isn't applicable to the Logitech G203 Lightsync, it does only cost £19 at the moment, down from £23, which is the same as what you'll pay on Amazon (although buying it from Amazon does come with a code for 40% off three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC). Wherever you decide to get it from, though, the Logitech G203 Lightsync is a fantastic bit of kit for the money, and has everything you want from an entry-level gaming mouse. Despite being a smidge bigger than the Viper Mini, it's still a great fit for small hands, and it comes packed with customisation options, too. You won't find a better mouse for less.

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