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Realm Royale classes: how to use them and what spells to grab

Know your role

Perhaps the strangest thing for new players of Realm Royale is knowing the differences between the various classes on offer. Each one has a uniquely different play style with a host of abilities to master, as well as their own unique class legendary weapon to craft at the forge. This guide will take you through each one, detail what spells and weapons to grab, and also some tips on how to use them effectively.

Since this is not your typical battle royale game, there are a variety of things that you need to know going in. You can find some more of the core game tips and tricks over at the main guide for Realm Royale, which includes, among other things, some tricks to keep in mind should you become a chicken.

Realm Royale Class Guide

Realm Royale's defining new feature is the idea of including classes that are wildly different from each other, blending the lines between battle royale and hero shooter. Those used to a more level playing field where the weapons found are what determines victory and defeat may find this somewhat intimidating. This overview will give you a primer on each of the five classes, their abilities, a brief overview on their unique class legendary weapon that can be crafted, and any additional strategies that may help you in the long run.

The warrior class


The first class that can be selected is the Warrior, which is generally a decent beginner class since their passive ability recovers health. Warriors use a combination of team aiding skills and skills to get in close and personal to the enemy.

Warrior Abilities

Passive Ability: Gain 5 health per second.
Movement Ability: Heroic Leap - Leap a huge distance and height, with the chance to cause damage with the impact on landing. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and damage dealt.
Looted Ability 1: Healing Potion - Throw a flask that heals allies. It can be used to heal yourself if thrown near you. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase the amount healed.
Looted Ability 2: Shielding Potion - Throws a flask that repairs your allies' shields. It can be used to repair your shields if thrown near you. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase the amount of shields recovered.
Looted Ability 3: Charge - Dashes a short distance, dealing damage to foes in the path of the charge. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time, but damage is the same for all ranks.
Looted Ability 4: Net Shot - Throws a net to temporarily reduce the speed of enemies hit. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase how much affected targets are slowed down by.

Warrior Class Legendary Weapon

The Warrior's legendary class weapon is a throwing axe that flies through the air and can pack a massive punch, but the small downside in that, like a lot of the weapons in Realm Royale, it is projectile based. This is important as it's actually quite slow flying through the air, meaning targets can strafe to avoid them with relative ease from a distance. If you can snag the frost variant of this weapon, then the slowdown will make enemies easier to hit.

Warrior Tips and Tricks

As a Warrior, there is a rather large amount of diversity in what you can do. The abilities themselves are simple to understand and you don't have to worry too much about healing small damage thanks to their passive ability. They're great team players in that they can keep their allies healthy, but are not afraid to get stuck in by ensnaring enemies with the net and charging in. Because of their rather high mobility thanks to both the Heroic Leap and Charge abilities, close range weapons such as the shotgun are very handy. They get a bit caught out at long range, as both the net shot and the throwing axe have a slow travel time through the air, so Warriors should focus on closing the distance where possible.

The engineer class


While initially quite similar, the Engineer is more of a support class to weed out foes. They have access to some healing, but with a lot of area of effect skills they excel at weeding out those who are in hiding.

Engineer Abilities

Passive Ability: Gain 5 shield per second.
Movement Ability: Thrust - Jumps a huge distance into the air vertically. Higher ranks reduce the cooldown time.
Looted Ability 1: Barricade - Deploys a barricade to block enemy fire that lasts a short time. Higher ranks reduce cooldown and increase the duration of the shield.
Looted Ability 2: Deploy Turret - Deploys up to two turrets to shoot nearby enemies. Higher ranks reduce cooldown and increase the duration of the turrets.
Looted Ability 3: Fire Bomb - Throws a napalm bomb that leaves fire for a short time to damage foes and reduce healing effectiveness. Higher ranks reduce cooldown and increase the amount of damage per tick.
Looted Ability 4: Healing Totem - Deploys a totem that heals yourself and any nearby allies. Higher ranks reduce cooldown, while also increasing the amount of healing per tick and the duration of the ability.

Engineer Class Legendary Weapon

Engineers get access to the Plasma Launcher, which fires vials that upon impact detonate to cause explosive damage. This damage has an area of effect, so you need not be as precise as most of the other weapons and is particularly useful for group fights where enemies are clustering in one space. They have a decent amount of range and can be used effectively to herd enemies out of cover. Any element is good with this weapon, so combine this with the fire element to stack more damage onto unsuspecting foes, frost to slow their escape, or lightning to reveal any stealthy attackers.

Engineer Tips and Tricks

Your main priority as an Engineer is to put pressure on the enemy with your various abilities. Barricades provide vital cover in more open areas, while fire bombs and turrets are great for flushing out foes that are hiding. The healing totem though is incredibly efficient for healing multiple teammates at a time without too much thought. They excel at a medium range, particularly if they have a Plasma Launcher in their arsenal, so you can either use that second weapon slot for close or long range weaponry to balance things out. Thrust should be used in order to escape to the top of a building, or to ambush an enemy from the top floor of a building they've just entered.

The assassin class


The reconnaissance class of the bunch, Assassins have a bunch of abilities that helps keep them from being seen, but also get the jump on enemies by means of trickery and technology to take them by surprise.

Assassin Abilities

Passive Ability: Gain 10% extra ground speed
Movement Ability: Blink - Teleport forward a short distance. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time.
Looted Ability 1: Concussion Bomb - Throw a bomb to knock back enemies or propel yourself forward. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase damage dealt to foes.
Looted Ability 2: Ghost Walk - Become unable to be targeted and increase movement speed, plus remove any debuffs on use. Higher ranks reduce cooldown while increasing both ability duration and movement speed.
Looted Ability 3: Sensor Drone - Deploys a drone to reveal nearby enemies. Higher ranks reduce cooldown and increase ability duration.
Looted Ability 4: Smoke Screen - Create a smoke screen that blocks enemy vision and grants you stealth for a short time. Higher ranks reduce cooldown and increase ability duration.

Assassin Class Legendary Weapon

Rather fittingly, the Assassin gains the sniper rifle as their class exclusive weapon. It's definitely one of the more finicky to use thanks to its one shot capacity. At a distance it is unparalleled, with a huge amount of damage per shot. If you land a headshot, it's usually curtains for the unfortunate soul hit by it unless they're completely decked out in legendary armour. Fire is a particularly good variant of this legendary weapon as the extra damage can chip off the rest of a well-armoured foe's health.

Assassin Tips and Tricks

More than any other class, the Assassin needs to focus on not being seen by any foe. Their passive ability isn't the best compared to the other classes, so they're a lot more reliant on their various skills to get them out of trouble. Sensor drones are very useful when wandering around with a team, since being able to see the enemy's exact position is always an advantage. However the other abilities are much more useful on a self-preservation level and should be prioritised. Once you have that sniper rifle, ditch any other long range gun in favour for something more mid-range in case things get hairy.

The mage class


Perhaps the main damage dealing class, the mage has access to some rather amazing spells to deal raw damage. They can also fly and annoy would-be attackers by sealing themselves in impenetrable ice or just put a wall in the way.

Mage Abilities

Passive Ability: Gain 30% potion effectiveness.
Movement Ability: Soar - Allows the mage to fly for a short time. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and improve ability duration.
Looted Ability 1: Explosive Flask - Throws a flash that upon detonation deals damage and slows down enemies. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase the slow effect on foes.
Looted Ability 2: Fireball - Shoot a ball of fire that passes through enemies for high damage. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and improves damage dealt to foes.
Looted Ability 3: Ice Block - Encases the mage in ice for a short time. While in ice, the mage heals and is immune to all damage, but they can't move or attack. Ability can be cancelled if reactivated. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and improve ability duration.
Looted Ability 4: Wall - Erects a wall from the ground. Can be used to launch the mage into the air if cast under foot. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and improve ability duration.

Mage Class Legendary Weapon

While not quite the staff you'd imagine a mage would have, the Stone Spear is an utterly fearsome weapon thanks to its burst shot. With each round taking a not too insignificant chunk of health, it's also a fantastic mid-range weapon to have and can fire five volleys of rounds before reloading. Combined with the mage's other abilities, the Stone Spear is a fantastic pairing. As for the elements, both fire and frost are very good with this weapon as one can stack damage while the other slows enemies down for more rounds to hit them.

Mage Tips and Tricks

The amount of damage a mage can do at any one point is nothing to be sniffed at, but the key thing that mages can do better than anyone else is guzzle potions, meaning they can easily recover both health and armour. That said, two abilities are clearly superior and should be prioritised above the other. Explosive Flasks do give a bonus slow down enemies making team fights easier, but doesn't compare to the sheer damage and utility that the fireball can dish out. The other great ability is Ice Block, which not only makes you immune to damage for a short time, but also heals you significantly. Mages tend to excel at mid-range, but can use Soar to fly through windows for close combat ambushes.

The hunter class


Finally we have the Hunter, who is a bit of a mix of all trades. While their abilities don't really contribute to any sort of theme like the others, they do allow for plenty of options for any given situation.

Hunter Abilities

Passive Ability: Gain 10% weapon swapping and reload speed.
Movement Ability: Dodge Roll - Rolls in the direction you are currently moving in. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time.
Looted Ability 1: Blast Shot - Fires an explosive projectile. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time.
Looted Ability 2: Flare - Fires a flare that reveals all enemies in an area. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase the reveal radius.
Looted Ability 3: Proximity Mine - Deploys a mine that explodes when enemies come close to it. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase damage dealt to foes.
Looted Ability 4: Withdraw - The hunter leaps backwards and enters a stealth mode temporarily. Higher ranks reduce cooldown time and increase stealth duration.

Hunter Class Legendary Weapon

When you think of hunters, generally a bow and arrow comes to mind. This is exactly what the hunter has as their class legendary weapon and it can pack quite the punch should you pull the string fully. You could fire off arrows quickly, but they'd deal a tiny amount of damage compared to a charged shot. It's also probably the most versatile of the legendary weapons, being very good at both close and medium range. Frost is a good element for this weapon to slow down targets for subsequent charged shots, though the extra damage from fire can also be beneficial in a pinch.

Hunter Tips and Tricks

Even though Hunters have lots of variety, they don't really excel in one area, though one useful combination to use when fleeing from an enemy is to deploy a proximity mine and then go stealthy to throw off the scent. Their dodge roll is quite weak normally, but doing so while going off the edge of a cliff and even activating in the air keeps the momentum going to allow for a greater amount of distance covered. Their versatility means that they can equip pretty much any high-tier weapons and do well, rather than specialise in any given field, and if they're part of a team they can be utterly devastating with their mines or flare abilities.

Now that you have every single class' abilities detailed, you're probably wondering what the best weapons to look out for are. You can find those in our Realm Royale weapons guide which will also detail the chests that you can loot from and what they're likely to contain. Alternatively you can also look at our Realm Royale map guide for an overview of the sole map currently available in Realm Royale.

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