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Red Dead Redemption Remastered Rumoured For PC

Fingers crossed!

I should warn you: Ian Video Games is wearing a cowboy hat. Worse: he's saying things like "ah fair reckon". Someone's filled his head with dreams of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption [official site] and ah fair reckon it's you, The Internet. As ever with our Ian, some of what he's spouting is tripe. No, Ian, no one has found a poster revealing a new Red Dead sequel. However, when Ian says "I tell you whut, them Rockstar varmints are cookin' up a PC remaster of Red Dead Redemption hoo-eee doggie!" then spits a brown mouthful of 'chaw' (it's toffee), well, that hasn't been immediately disproven at least.

Red Dead Redemption, to explain to folks who may well have missed it, is Rockstar San Diego's open-world gunslinger 'em up set in the wicky Wild Wild wicky wicky Wild wicky Wild wicky wicky Wild Wild Wild West - it's Grand Theft Auto with horses. It's a cracking game! Maybe even my favourite Rockstar game? But its original release in 2010 only hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and Rockstar gave unhelpful answers as to why we never saw it on PC. Boo. Onto the rumours!

Korean site Game Focus has word of a rumour that Red Dead Redemption is being revamped for re-release on PC and those there new consoles. They say they expect it'll be announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting event on Wednesday, then launch in the first half of 2017. Game Focus seem to give no firm sources so it might be a load of tosh. Their focus on Asian localisations specifically does make it seem a touch more substantial than the usual Red Dead rumours but yeah, this could be nonsense.

It wouldn't be without precedent, mind. Plenty of publishers are fancying up their hits from the last console generation for re-release on new systems, including others within Rockstar's parent company Take Two. 2K have a remastered collection of BioShocks coming out next week.

What's definitely tosh is the poster going round for a sequel to Redemption, supposedly named Red Dead Retribution. Nah mate, that's a mockup a fan made and sent to Rockstar. Oh Ian, you excitable little cowpoke!

I would be jolly pleased to see Red Dead Redemption on PC. I adored its condensed wild frontier, ranging from Mexico across the great plains to the forested Rockies. It's set in the dying days of the Wild West, starring John Marston, a former outlaw turned family man who gets drafted by The Man to wipe out his fellow relics. It's surprisingly touching at times too. Nice/sad little note in being able to permanently wipe out its herd of buffalo. Fun shootyshoots and all. Got a fun spot of Weird West in its 'Undead Nightmare' DLC too.

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