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Resident Evil 4 fan remaster is almost finished

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Capcom were nice enough to release an HD version of Resident Evil 4 back in 2014, but it only really updated the textures of some stuff and not all the stuff, so a team of dedicated fans has spent the last few years picking up the slack. The Resident Evil 4 HD Project has two co-leads who keep updating this personal endeavour, and a near-finished product is finally available. Check out their impressive work in the comparison video below. Incidentally, I've come to really love these, because I did not realised I cared this much about how bottles on wine looked on a shelf or how a particular set of shadows falls but oh god I REALLY DO.

Check out the trailer for the Resident Evil 4 HD project below.

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While the version of the mod does look astounding, it's apparently not quite the final cut. Most of the game is now enhanced to pin-sharp HD standards, there's still a few things to tune up, including character models for both players and enemies. Still, the international two-man duo (one in America, one in Spain) behind the mod reckon that those don't require tuning up quite as urgently, and are happy to let us run wild with this almost-complete version while they're buffing out the last of the scuffs. That character update will most likely be the final set for this project. Then they can get started on Resident Evil 5... I'm just... I'm just kidding. No one needs to revisit large sections (Africa, oof) of that game.

This nearish-final version of the mod is out now, and requires the more recent HD version of the game, rather than the original 2007 PC version.

An aside for fellow PC horror buffs: I'd been meaning to mention this for a few weeks, but it certainly doesn't have enough information to be its own piece. Up top, I mentioned the terrible Silent Hill HD stuff, but the PC community for that world is obviously doing great work too. I've written up some of the great ways to get the original games running on modern PCs and the news from that world involves Hills 2 through 4 getting audio remasters. You can check those out here.

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