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Resident Evil Village is out now

It's time to meet the Big Lady

Resident Evil Village has finally arrived, bringing back Resi 7 star Ethan Winters and chucking him into town where tall ladies and werewolves roam. The first-person horror game takes place a few years after Biohazard, after Ethan and his wife Mia attempted to live a peaceful life following their escape from the Baker family. But there is no peace for Eef. Now he is in a scary village whose inhabitants seem to want to eat him.

"From the very start, I felt compelled by Ethan Winters' predicament, and this never changed. Even when everything was on fire and in disarray, I still thought the end, when it came, concluded things quite nicely," Ed wrote in his Resident Evil Village review. "Yes, it was a bit messy, but it surprised me, tied things up, and opened up the floor for more questions, which is tough to do in a series that's been going this long."

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Resi 8 will have you come face to face with the tall vampire lady who had a bit of an Internet Moment when she was first revealed, as well as plenty of occult weirdness and some creepy werewolves to boot. Chris Redfield is back too, and he's absolutely up to no good.

If you're heading into the Village today, hardware queen Katharine has figured out all the best settings to improve Resident Evil Village's performance on PC. She reckons it's one of the best ray tracing games yet too, and you can check out some examples of that lovely lighting in her post right here.

Resident Evil Village is out now on Steam, and it'll cost you £50/€60/$60. That price includes the upcoming multiplayer deathmatch mode Resident Evil Re:Verse, which is set to arrive sometime this summer.

While there don't seem to be any glaring launch problems, some players are reporting the odd framerate drop and audio desync issue. Others have noted that the game's low field of vision is making them nauseous, so maybe don't eat a big breakfast before you start playing. I mean, Resi games can be gory as heck so that would probably be a bad idea anyway.

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