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Roblox players are making loads of Squid Game games

The Netflix show, not to be confused with Splatoon

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama show that's been taking Netflix by storm recently, and it's inspired a whole bunch of Squid Game games on Roblox. The show pits folks against each other in games like tug-of-war, where the winners earn cash, and the losers earn, well, death. It's a fun (read: somehow even more sinister) twist on the battle royale genre. It reminds me a bit of when the Hunger Games films inspired loads of Minecraft mods.

As spotted by IGN, a number of these are appearing in Roblox's "popular" section. High on the list right now are some oh-so-subtle renamings like Fish Game, Hexa Game, and hell, just straight-up Squid Game.

A quick search of "Squid Game" on the Roblox site reveals even more dubiously-named experiences too. While some of them recreate just one challenge from the show, others have a collection of the grim games from various episodes. A lot of them use the terrifying doll you can see in the Squid Game trailer as their cover art as well. Sure, it's eye-catching, but did it need to be a terrifying doll?

The doll is part of the "red light, green light" game where one person (or, doll) commands players to move on a green light, or stop on a red light (like Grandma's footsteps). If she catches you moving on a red light, goodbye. One Roblox user has even added said doll into their Siren Head horror game. We're going down a dark path that I would not like to follow.

Speaking to Deadline, Netflix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos said Squid Game could be the platform's "biggest show ever", so I'm already wondering what it will inspire next. A quick search for any other games or mods has brought me to this horrific GTA 5 skin set, so that's quite enough for me for today.

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