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Carry On Carthage: Rome 2 Hannibal At The Gates DLC

Hide your liver

Total War: Rome II has probably had the most troubled existence of any Total War game, trampling on expectations like a giant war elephant crushing the skull of an infantry man. At least that's the impression I had from comment threads and old ladies who stopped me in the street: my brain is not wired for grand strategy games, so I only played it for a short time and then abandoned it to the Recycle Bin. However, that won't stop me pointing that out there's a new DLC pack coming out: Hannibal At The Gates. The trailer below shows a whole lot of big talk for people facing a man with angry elephants at his disposal.

Hannibal At The Gates will add detail to Rome II's western Mediterranean region, bring a new campaign map with 19 provinces and three new playable factions to the game: the Arevaci, the Lusitani, and the Syracuse. With that in place, the scene is set to historically reenact Scipio and Hannibal's elephantine clashes, and a couple of Historical Battles (the Battle of Cannae and the Battle of Zama) specifically focuses on either sides' greatest moments. Additional tech trees--wrapped up in diplomacy--will round off the DLC.

The trailer sets the scene, even if it doesn't actually show much of the game.

It's out March 27. Has anyone here stuck with Rome? It's still loftily riding the Steam Stats page.

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