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RPS@PAX West 2022: Our top highlights from the showfloor

RPS say goodbye to Seattle

As PC setups are carefully packed away and booths are dismantled, the curtain closes on another PAX West and it's time to say goodbye to Seattle (for now anyway). After four packed days of demos, panels, interviews, and lots of fruit smoothies, Liam and I are completely PAXed out, but we're not done quite yet.

Below you'll find something a little different from our usual daily round-ups. For our last day at PAX, we've done a super, uber, mega round-up on the entire event. We list off our favourite panel moments, the best game demos we played, and our general opinion on how the overall convention went. Click play below to see one of our last videos from the event:

If you'd like a complete list of all the videos we made, here is a complete list of everything complete with links to the relevant RPS pages. Wow, we really did record a lot huh. Phew!

Day 1 - Friday 2nd Sept

  • Tour of the Show Floor
  • Gearbox tells us what's new in New Tales From The Borderlands
  • Friday daily round-up
  • Day 2 - Saturday 3rd Sept

  • Hands-on with Souls-like fairytale Lies Of P
  • Ron Gilbert tells us about the pirate shenanigans in Return To Monkey Island
  • Saturday daily round-up
  • Day 3 - Sunday 4th Sept

  • We chat with Brainwash Gang about their chaotic deck-building FPS Friends Vs Friends
  • The cast of Team Fortress 2 reminisce about the FPS's lasting legacy
  • Sunday daily round-up
  • Day 4 - Monday 5th Sept

  • PAX West's bestest best booths (coming soon!)
  • So there you have it! Thank you so much for your support from everyone on the RPS team. It's because of you we get to make videos like this and we sincerely hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did. Let us know your personal highlights from the show by commenting down below and, for a final time, if you'd like to view all our videos from PAX West then check out the RPS@PAX tag. Until next time folks!

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