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Saints Row criminal ventures: How to expand your empire

Unlocking insurance fraud and more via the Empire Table

How do you unlock Criminal Ventures to make fast cash in Saints Row? Insurance fraud is such a popular Saints Row mini-game that the developers had to hastily clarify that it would still be included after this latest outing was confirmed as a reboot rather than a sequel. However, you have to put a bit of work in before you're allowed to participate in this or any of the other criminal ventures that are key to growing your empire in the latest game.

On this page we'll explain how to unlock the criminal ventures feautre in Saints Row, as well as the requirements for getting into each individual venture.

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How to undertake criminal ventures in Saints Row

As you progress through the main story and advance your gang's reputation, there are various criminal ventures you can take part in to increase your cash flow. Most of these require you to spend money to make money, but the pay-out is worth it, as the passive earnings are the best source of constant cash flow in Saints Row.

In order to begin criminal ventures, you first need to have unlocked the Empire Table. To get to this point, you simply need to follow the main storyline and complete the mission "Networking", after which the table will be placed upstairs in your HQ. Once it's available, your companions will begin to set you short quest chains that unlock criminal ventures. Upon completion of the quests, you can set up your own stake in that venture and begin to generate passive earnings from the businesses you've invested in.

How to unlock every criminal venture in Saints Row

Criminal Venture Questline to unlock Becomes available Tier
Jimrob's Garage Chop Shop After completing "A Piece Of The Action" main mission Tier I
Chalupacabra Food Truck Kingpin After unlocking the Empire Table (Tier I) Tier I
Bright Future Disposal Toxic Waste After unlocking the Empire Table (Tier I) Tier I
Shady Oaks Medical Clinic Insurance Fraud After unlocking the Empire Table (Tier I) Tier I
Castle Kraken Dustlander Beacons After completing "The Dustmoot" main mission (Tier II) Tier II
Laundromat Clean Up Crew After completing "Drawing Heat" main mission (Tier II) Tier II
Eurekabator! Alpha Test After completing "Drawing Heat" main mission (Tier II) Tier II
Wuzyerz Repo Repossession After completing "Drawing Heat" main mission (Tier II) Tier II
The Big One Tier III
Cutting Edge Tier III
Final Strike Dojo Tier III
KAKTS Radio Tier III
Let's Pretend Tier III
Planet Saints Tier III
Saints Tower End-game

Saints Row is generous about letting you access almost everything from earl on, but Criminal Ventures are one of the few major features that require you to make a bit of progress first. If you're looking for some cash to tide you over in the meantime, check out our guide to making money fast in Saints Row.

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