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Samsung's 1TB 860 Qvo SSD has dropped to just £70

Plus great discounts on the 870 Qvo and 970 Evo Plus, too

Amazon UK have added some more great SSD deals to their Gaming Week sale today, with new low prices to be found on three of Samsung's best SSDs for gaming. Chief among them is the 1TB 860 Qvo, Samsung's budget-friendly high capacity SSD that's dropped to a record low of just £70, making it almost as good as yesterday's (sadly now defunct) Crucial MX500 deal.

The Samsung 860 Qvo is a great SATA SSD, offering fast read and write speeds without costing an absolute fortune like a lot of other 1TB drives out there at the moment. The reason behind its low price is that it uses a slightly different type of storage cell tech to Samsung's even nippier 860 Evo drive, but its performance is still top notch. In fact, in my benchmark tests, the 860 Qvo actually came in with faster write speeds than its Evo counterpart, all at a much lower cost. It's a great value drive, and today's new record low price makes it an even greater buy than ever before.

Admittedly, the 860 Qvo has been succeeded by the slightly newer 870 Qvo now, whose 1TB model is also on sale for just a teensy bit more. In fairness, as good as the 870 Qvo is, you're probably still better off opting for its predecessor above while it's cheaper. The 870 Qvo has slightly faster read and transfer speeds than the 860 Qvo, but I doubt you'd notice the difference in real life. Still, if the 860 Qvo ends up selling out, the 870 Qvo is the 1TB drive to get.

Finally, Amazon have also dropped the price of the excellent Samsung 970 Evo Plus, too. This NVMe drive is much faster than either of the company's Qvo drives, and it's one of the best NVMe SSDs around. You'll need a compatible motherboard to take advantage of it, as it uses an M.2 slot rather than one of your motherboard's SATA drives, but most modern motherboards should have at least one of these M.2 slots, if not more.

Today's price for the 500GB 970 Evo Plus beats what it cost during last year's Prime Day sale, too, where it fell to £74 on a brief lightning deal. It's also better than last year's Black Friday sale price, too, where it fell to £70 at the end of November, making it a great time to pick one up.

It's not just SSDs that are going cheap during Amazon's Gaming Week sale. We've also rounded up all the best external HDD deals if you're after even more storage for your gaming PC, as well as the best mice, keyboard and headset deals taking place, and the best gaming laptop deals.

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