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Samsung's titanic 49-inch CRG9 gaming monitor is down to £649 via Samsung's Ebay outlet

This is basically two 27" 1440p 120Hz 1000-nit screens glued together.

Remember the Samsung CRG9? This absolute unit of a gaming monitor impressed erstwhile hardware editor Katherine when she reviewed in 2019, and four years later you can pick up this 49-inch super-ultra-wide gaming monitor for £440 off its UK RRP - when you buy it in "opened - never used" condition from Samsung's UK Ebay account.

There's a ton going for this monitor - and at this price, it's surprisingly better value than getting two 27-inch gaming monitors (an equivalent size). You get a 51220x1440 screen that runs up to 120Hz with an immersive 1800R curve, FreeSync/G-Sync support and HDR with up to 1000 nits of brightness, deliving impactful highlights in games and movies. Of course, having this super-wide aspect ratio makes for incredibly immersive gameplay, while the reasonable res/refresh combo means that you're actually able to drive it effectively with a modern graphics card - something that was much harder in 2019.

And given that it's effectively two 27-inch 1440p 120Hz monitors glued side-to-side, it's perfect for multi-tasking too, as you can easily split the screen into halves, thirds or quarters - something that's been made much easier in Windows 11 thanks to that convenient window sizing tool that pops up when you hover over the maximise button. And if you want to use this for content creation, the VA panel's good colour accuracy, 125% sRGB coverage and 85% DCI P3 coverage means that it's actually quite capable

You get other niceties as a result of picking up what was 2019's most impressive gaming monitor too. There's a convenient OSD, two DP inputs, one HDMI 2.0 port, a four-port USB hub, a monitor hook and some actually nice RGB lighting (that can be turned off if you hate rainbows).

Altogether then, this is a huge amount of monitor for the money and a great choice at its reduced price.

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