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Saw Red: Frozen Synapse Expands, Gains Co-op

The indie darlings of yesteryear are back with a vengeance. I mean, with titles like Wrath of the Lamb and Red, what else could they possibly be out for? A pleasant stroll? A picnic? No, this is a declaration of war - or at least "Hey, we still exist. Notice us." And I have! So everything worked out. Thank goodness. And wow, Frozen Synapse: Red, I must note in my trademark eloquent and considered fashion, contains a lot of stuff. Foremost, the entire single-player campaign's been retrofitted to include co-op, and there's now another 15-mission campaign to top it off. You're also looking at challenge missions, mutators, deployable cover, riot shields, and a new multiplayer mode. But most importantly, levels can be red now. Yes, that's right: Mode 7 has included a new color. Take that, Unreal Engine 4.

It will, however, run you $9.99 (or your local equivalent), but there's a catch. A, er, good kind of catch. I didn't actually know that was possible. Says Mode 7: "All online features, including co-op, can be shared between expansion owners and non-owners, meaning that there is no division in the community." Hey, everyone else ever, do this.

Meanwhile, the physical embodiment of an SNES scrolling technology has seen fit to launch some free content as well. Specifically, all Frozen Synapse owners now have access to a local multiplayer Hotseat mode, timed turns for friends who take weeks to make their damn move already damn it, and a batch of preset, non-randomized multiplayer maps.

Honestly, it all sounds wonderful, and I'm fairly certain this is part of a highly targeted effort to make sure I never play any new games again. If I'm going down, though, I'm taking all of you with me. Here's a trailer that will entice you with its sexy, sexy redness. Watch it and be possessed by a fiery desire - like a bull chasing a cape or a middle-aged man spending too much on a sports car. And now, you and I will take turns sending tiny men to their barely visible deaths. Forever.

Oh, hey, the trailer totally cites RPS' Glowy Lines award. We're famous! TAKE THAT, MOM. All right, now back to robotically clicking on neon-lit office spaces for all eternity with the lot of you.

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