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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Eerie moods and good vibes

Empty cities, unnatural water parks, and more attractive indie games

A nightmarish landscape in a Levels & Bosses screenshot.
Image credit: Otro Inventario

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, we're even heavier on vibes and moods than usual, and with only one retro-styled FPS for once! The vibes are plentiful and they are powerful and I hope you enjoy this latest selection of interesting and attractive indie games.


Damn this is good:

A wet scene in Beyond The Plastic Wall (coming to Steam), "an atmosphere dense narrative exploration of isolation, love and the search for human connection set in the shadow of an ageless city":

Cool cooling towers in open-world hack 'n' slash V.A Proxy (coming to Steam):

A wee stroll in... I'm not sure what this is:

A lot to get my eyes around in "philosophical adventure game" Levels & Bosses (coming to Steam):

I already enjoyed climbing a Brutalist tower in first-person platformer Beton Brutal (out now on Steam) and am very interested in exploring some sort of unreal water park too, presumably with an upcoming update or something?

A striking style to this (yes, the devs plan to add a walking animation so your shadow isn't A-posing):

A far cosier vibe than those in Catch & Cook: Fishing Adventure (coming to Steam):

Alright let's take a violence break, starting with this interesting idea for a ringleader enemy in retro-styled FPS Calcium Contract (coming to Steam):

I like this move in VR shooter Gunday, but part of me does think it's not right if the player isn't doing an actual one-handed cartwheel handstand in their living room:

Practical office solutions in Lifelong:

Logging on for another day's work in turn-based tactical mech game Arc Seed (coming to Steam):

Logging on for another night's slacking in visual novel The Snow Is Red (free prologue available on Itch):

Let's close out with Kitty Corner and the greatest of vibes from this "game designer" at cat game studio Devcats:

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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