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Sea Of Thieves has a dedicated photography subreddit and it's really lovely

Arrr the feels!

So often I find myself caught staring at the gorgeous land and sea-scapes of Sea Of Thieves. The views in this game really catch you off guard - sometimes it's a sunset peaking over the waves after you've just emerged from the hull of your ship, others it's the moody sky reflecting off the water as a finally storm passes. If you find yourself grabbing a screenshot of these magical moments, I encourage you to share it on one of my favourite little internet haunts, the Sea Of Photography subreddit.

I've spent quite a bit of time admiring everyone's images there recently. I don't always have time to jump into a game and see these views for myself, and I miss just sitting by the real-life ocean a lot, so it's a nice compromise. So join me on a little photography exhibition, showing off some of my favourite snaps.

Can't start a gallery like this without first acknowledging a lovely sunset. Get a load of those reflections on the water, that's the good stuff.

Just Sloopiful ☀️ 🏴‍☠️
by u/Synziix in SeaOfPhotography

Never have I played a game that's given me such a strong urge to jump into the sea. And I mean that in a totally good way, Sea Of Thieves' water just looks so inviting.

The water looks a lot less inviting when there are giant monsters in it, but I love the angle this was snapped at. Look at all those tentacles, lined up so politely, ready to eat up your galleon.

She’s beautiful really
by u/ravecore666 in SeaOfPhotography

Here's a shot from someone entering the Shroud. That's the scary bit on the edge of the map that starts to destroy your ship if you venture too far into it. There's an unnerving serenity to this one.

The Shrouds Ocean
by u/Firecdude in SeaOfPhotography

The islands in this game are so fun to explore, but you rarely see them from more interesting angles like this one. I wonder if the photographer was airborne for this one? Though I suppose they could've been chilling in the crow's nest.

Snake island is beatiful!
by u/Knizeolopo in SeaOfPhotography

I wish I could see the real night sky this clearly all the time.

Sea Of Thieves' colour palette tends to stick to the typical blues and oranges from all that sea and those pretty sunsets. I think that's why I love this screenshot so much, it almost has a black and white quality about it, it just really stands out against so many other similar images.

A shimmer of light
by u/UsefulCompanion in SeaOfPhotography

It's nice seeing the beauty of this game through other players' eyes. Often it's things you might have overlooked before, and it gives you a chance to stop to actually take it in. Sea Of Thieves is one of those games where you get whatever you want out of it really, and I just think it's neat that pretty photography is one of those things.

Of course, one of the most exciting things to take screenshots of recently are the excellent cats that came in with the latest update. They're pretty cool, and they've allowed players to immortalise their long lost pets in-game.

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