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Sea Of Thieves has dogs now and I love them with all my heart

Scurvy dogs

Today, I dived into Sea Of Thieves with a single goal in mind: buy and hang out with a dog. Rare's pirate sandbox got its big September update yesterday, introducing some new canine pals to the game's premium store, and what can I say? I love pets, and I love pirates. This game just gets me. So, I'd like you all to meet Rox, and come with us on our very first adventure out on the Sea Of Thieves to go for a walkies on a nice sunny island.

Rox was the name of the dog I grew up with, who passed away last year. He was an absolute bastard (whom I loved with all my heart), so it seemed fitting to memorialise him in a pirate game where he can terrorize people forever.

He made a quick start of this, too, by immediately taking a piss on the deck of my ship the second I set the bugger down.

I quickly got over this offense. It's hard to stay mad at those puppy dog eyes. Rox and I continued to explore the ship after that, trying to figure out all the places we could set him to perch. Turns out, there are only like three places you can place a dog on a sloop (they're considerably larger than the other Sea Of Thieves pets), but in the end we found a nice little window for him to curl up in.

Then we crashed into a rock. I set the sloop sailing before all this, you see, so we could make some headway towards a nice sunny island to hang out on. But during all my fawning over Rox, I wasn't paying attention to the fact a storm was pushing me right into a large congregation of stones that I swear to god appeared out of nowhere.

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Rox, as he would've been in real life, was completely unphased.

While he simply slept on, I desperately bailed water from our boat in an effort to not drown us both within 10 minutes of setting sail. After that bit of drama, it was fairly smooth sailing from there. We laughed, we danced and we even made a quick pit stop to meet some chickens - which Rox didn't even attempt to chase or murder. What a good boy.

The chicken island was not my end goal, though. The weather there was still a bit naff, and I wanted to find a sunnier place for Rox to have a run around on, so onwards we went.

Eventually, we made it to a lovely clear-skied island just before the sun started to set. Unfortunately, the locals got a bit hostile. Could've just pointed me in the direction of the dog beach, mate, no need to pull a bloody gun on us.

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If you fancy bringing along a dog (or a cat, or a parrot, or a monkey) on your Sea Of Thieves sails, you can buy them from the Pirate Emporium in-game for £4.99. There are a bunch of breeds and colours to choose from, and it really is quite nice having them around on a little solo-slooping sesh.

I'm certainly not the first person to think of immortalising their pets through Rare's excellent animals, either. Loads of players named kitties after their real-life pets when cats were added to the game earlier this year.

What about you, reader? Have you got a pirating pet yet? Tell us of your adventures!

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