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Sea Of Thieves season 2 starts next week and adds another sneaky emote

Every barrel is suspicious now

After switching to the seasons and Plunder Pass model earlier this year, pirate playground Sea Of Thieves has teased the start of season two coming next week. They've released a short teaser trailer that those of you with a good spyglass may be able to spot. I'm very afraid that stealth strats may be about to get out of hand. Do you know where every barrel on your ship is? I'd start memorizing right now if I were you.

Just down here is Rare's teaser video for the season which likely lets on some of the new cosmetics and other bits you can earn. There's also a giant red-eyed cloud skeleton in the sky there which could be a new variety of Skeleton Fort to tackle out on the seas.

Cover image for YouTube videoSea of Thieves Season Two Approaches...

The one seemingly unmistakable bit is right at the end where you can see a sneaky pirate tucking into a barrel that appears out of nowhere. I know that the stowaway meta has involved several emotes in the past, from sleeping to squatting behind barrels. It looks like you'll now be able to just become the barrel itself, which seems like a recipe for high seas disasters. Apologies in advance to my crewmates for being down in the bottom of the ship compulsively stabbing barrels instead of having a hand on the sails.

Rare have yet to release the details on season two, but we can likely expect it will include more levels of Renown experience to earn for unlocking in game items. There will almost certainly be another paid tier Plunder Pass. As with the first season, which added new Merchant Alliance voyages for Lost Shipments, it seems likely season two will add some other new activity. My money's on that skull in the sky.

Rare say that Sea of Thieves season two will launch next Thursday, April 15th. You've got until that date to wrap up any remaining Renown you want to earn in season one before the new one begins.

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