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Shenmue 3 will let you play as two new characters in its first DLC next week

Test your mettle in the Battle Rally

Koch Media have announced the very first DLC for Shenmue 3, Battle Rally, will be released on Tuesday 21st January. By the looks of things it's inviting players to take part in a race (on foot I think?), and you'll even be able to play as different characters for the first time. Sorry Ryo.

"Battle Rally offers fresh gaming activities in a race unlike any other, as contestants engage in head-to-head battles whilst racing their way through the course," they tweeted.

"In addition to playing the hero of our story Ryo Hazuki, players can also choose the treasure-seeking 'Wuying Ren' and making her first appearance in this game, Ryo's sparring partner, 'Wei Zhen'."

In Matthew's Shenmue 3 review, he praised the game's uniqueness, writing: "There's magic in Shenmue III; not as potent as when this oddball adventure first burst onto the scene, but kept alive by the sheer lack of anything else like it."

The Battle Rally DLC will cost £6.49 when it hits the Epic Games Store (and PS4) on Tuesday the 21st. If you've already bought the Complete DLC Collection, Battle Rally will be available for you to download as soon as it launches.

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