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What you do when you’re not chasing your destiny in Shenmue 3

This looks Ryo good

A lot of Shenmue happens in the spaces between the game. I remember my time in Yu Suziki's sprawling RPGs not as some grand unveiling of my destiny, but as a dude collecting capsule toys, getting a job as a forklift driver, and hanging out at the arcade. I lived a rich little life playing it, though because of it I horribly failed my forklift driver exams in the real-world.

Shenmue 3 has time to fill as well, and here’s how you’ll do it.

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You can spend as much time avenging your father's death as you like in YS Net's walking and brawling sim, but if you wake up one morning and don’t fancy dealing with destiny you can wander the farmer’s market, sampling the cooked foods and fresh fruits. Or you can take a jaunt into the arcade, dropping some yen into games that are hilariously out of date compared to the actual one you’re playing at the time. Though, to be honest, I do like punching things.

Speaking of that, you can always learn how to fight. There's a lot of sparring in this short video, which is interesting as my brain has wiped pretty much all of the violence out of my memories of the game. I am aware I did some, but I honestly didn't think it was as much as the trailer portrays.

If this sort of rambling appeals, well you might want to know that you can 'Mue on November 19th, but there's also going to be a timed trial version released on September 15th on the Epic Games Store, letting you wander around Bailu Village until the trial expires.

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