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PSA: Slay The Spire gets a full release this week, buy now if you want the cheaper price

Last chance for a discount Defect

Wednesday, January 23 2019 will be a day remembered in infamy. The day that the human race committed, inexorably, to self-destruction. The day that cardsy-roguey titan Slay The Spire left early access and got itself a full release. Such a lovely game, such a lovely game. You can check it out any time you like, but you can never Save & Quit.

And so I bring you these words as a dual warning: 1) BEWARE OF THE INCREDIBLE VIDEOGAME AND THE TERRIBLE THINGS IT WILL DO TO YOU 2) the price is due to be raised at any point between now and the 23rd, so get in quick. (Except don't, because it will destroy you).

We'll bring you news of what changes the release version brings as soon as we, well, know what they are, or you can gawk at a live Q&A with devs Mega Crit on the Spire Reddit page on the 23rd.

It is, however, increasingly looking like we're just in for a spit'n'polished version of what we've got already, rather than any new bells and whistles of note. Say the latest patch notes, "We're going into full release in just under a week so we have been hard at work finishing up Steam Trading cards, making some final balance adjustments, and ensuring that the game is as stable as possible."

We'll be running our Slay The Spire review come the day (do 182 hours of playtime qualify me to write it?), but if you've been reading RPS over the past year or so, you can take a fairly educated guess about whether we'll be slaying the Spire or waheying the Spire. With that in mind, you should totally go buy the game now, while it still qualifies as early access and as such has the low, low price of £11.99/$15.99/€15.99. My guess? We'll be looking at $20/£16ish any time now.

We don't know when Mega Crit will start asking for a few dollars more, but they do say this: "The price of the game is increasing shortly before full release." Which means either today or tomorrow, realistically. Steam or via Humble, pick yer poison, but do it fast.

And, once you've bought it, make sure you install the Googly Eyes mod, yeah?

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