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SnowRunner devs want mod support, and mods, available from day one

Snow problem, really.

If there are two things you probably shouldn't be sick of going into SnowRunner, it's trucks and snow. They're sort of essential parts of the chilly Spintires: MudRunner follow-up, right? But if you do get tired of 'em after heading into Saber Interactive's frosty truck sim, fret not. When it launches next week, SnowRunner should launch will full mod support - letting you get behind the wheel, handlebars or fleshy appendages of whatever modern 3D modelling packages can cobble together.

Like it's predecessor, SnowRunner is a game about driving massive lorries through awful conditions. But when it arrives next week, Saber want to make sure you can drive whatever you like across the miserable Taymyr Peninsula. Publisher Focus Home Interactive this week announces launch day mod support for the hard truckin' sim.

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By the publishers' reckoning, there are just shy of 5,000 mods available for MudRunner. Those might not be Skyrim numbers, sure, but that's nothing to scoff at - in recognising the value in community content, Saber want to not only get mod support into SnowRunner as soon as possible, but have mods ready to go on release.

To that end, they've been working with the MudRunner mod scene to start filling out the sequel's catalogue. SnowRunner's page already features a few custom trucks, a motorcycle, and Elon Musk's shitty cyberpunk truck (for the record, I still prefer my own rendition).

Support for creating custom environments and missions should arrive shortly after launch. Focus also teased a future free update for customising interiors with cosmetic junk, all of which will also be moddable. That'll be me filling the dashboard with half-eaten Pot Noodles, old stuffed bears and overdue bills, then.

SnowRunner launches next Tuesday, April 28th on the Epic Games Store.

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